Alright, so every day we come across so many things – some mundane and some quite out of the ordinary. Then we also forget about them because the memory has only so much space. There is no external hard disk to extend the space in the brain now – is there :-)? But what we do have – is a “pensieve” – no, not the kind Dumbledore had. But it’s right there – you made your own – it’s your blog!

So now what I want you to do is – share one (or more) of those funny/interesting things of your week, every Saturday. And if there is something that took place even long ago but you haven’t had the chance to share until now, now is the time! It may be completely useless from a logical standpoint for you but before you forget about it, wouldn’t it be nice to note it down and then many days/weeks/years later when you read it back, you can revisit the memory and may be even have a good laugh about it. You could also add a picture or two to add more color to it. And the simplest thing to do – if you already have a post in your archives which matches the theme, then edit it and just include the pingback at the foot of that post and hit the update button in your editor.

And now a fun-fact to summarize what I wrote above – Sherlock once told Watson, on being laughed at about his ignorance of whether the earth revolved around the sun or vice-versa, “I knew that at some point of time but I don’t need that information for my everyday work. Therefore, I chose to get rid of it and make space for things that are more important for me to know.”

Here are some ideas for what you could write about:

  • a new word or a quote that you came across, that made you think/laugh or you just found it interesting.
  • a new dish/recipe or something that you tried in the past which you won’t try again
  • a funny incident in your week – at your work or at home
  • a quote from a book that you read
  • an advertisement (print/roadside/television) that you found interesting
  • an adorable thing that a child did
  • something interesting that happened during your travels
  • something that your grandparents/parents told you about from their days
  • something that a pet did
  • ……………….


  • Keep the posts short – that will keep people interested in your work.
  • Don’t be obscene or offensive
  • Last but not the least – don’t forget to have fun

Event Episodes so far..

You will find the contributions from fellow bloggers in the comments section of each don’t forget to look there. Enjoy..

Episode 1 – 01/08/2015

Episode 2 – 08/08/2015

Episode 3 – 15/08/2015

Episode 4 – 22/08/2015

Episode 5 – 29/08/2015

Episode 6 – 05/09/2015

Episode 7 – 12/09/2015

Episode 8 – 19/09/2015

Episode 9 – 26/09/2015

Episode 10 – 03/10/2015

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