Funteresting – Episode 10

“I am A Stone (Ein Stein).. You – Einstein? ha ha, then I am Brett Pitt (Brett = board)” – fun with a foreign language 🙂

It’s now the 10th week of my funteresting event and I feel good that I persisted and kept writing up until now. I hope I can keep the momentum.

So what do I want to tell you today? It’s a memory from around 13 years back and yet as fresh in the mind as if it happened yesterday. What happened was a funny instance when I used the incorrect form of a verb in the local language of Karnataka. There was a colleague who had brought some savories and offered it to everyone. I was not feeling like having it so I declined but made the mistake of testing my limited Kannada vocabulary and said “naan beda”. People looked at one another and one of them then understood what I meant and explained to me that my words translated to “I am not wanted” instead of “I don’t want”! (In case you wonder – the words should’ve been “nannage beda”). All I could do then was to join in the laughter.

I guess this has happened to every person who has tried to learn a new language – in adulthood (as a child you are allowed to make mistakes and not be embarrassed about it).

One other incident which I often tell my friends about, is when a new colleague of mine from China wanted to tell me to check something about the work done by him. Now Chinese is a very difficult language in my opinion and very different from English. So I really admire the people in China who have learnt English – I am sure they would have had their challenges with it. But back to my colleague – he wrote me an email with several people in cc, giving the details of what he had done and then innocently asked,  “Can you please feed me back?”. I wasn’t sure how to do that, so I gave the feedback instead!

These mistakes were from common folks like me and that colleague of mine – so of course, only a limited set of people know of these. Imagine the impact when someone makes the mistake on national/international TV – not intentionally of course. I wouldn’t delve into that today. May be some other time.

Until next, enjoy the weekend. Do let me know of your thoughts via comments or by writing a post about what you fiund funny and interesting in your day to day life. Don’t forget to put a ping back to this post so that I know of it (just insert this URL – in your post).


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