Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Well…alright..I saw the first day first show of the movie and didn’t write about it then.So far, in this year, the run of movies has been so good except for one, that I wasn’t sure if it was for real!
Nonetheless, here I am – with the recap of my movie experience.
It was a local public festival and many people at my work place were taking the day off. So I also took off and celebrated the festival by going for the movie which had just released that day :-).
And I am glad that the movie was fantastic and my taking the day off was not in vain.
                   So here’s the gang – Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego along with the teenager Peaches (daughter of Mannie & Ellie) which now has to survive yet another event of earth’s history – the formation of continents!
And in the journey of getting separated and being reunited, Sid gets a granny and Diego gets a mate – Shira!
(Looks like in animation world, this is the year of the cats – first we are introduced to Gia in Madagascar 🙂 and now Shira in Ice Age).
                   In addition, there is this villain – Captain Gutt – who is a pirate! He is ferocious, dangerous, makes even tigers obey him and all this despite just being an ape – alright a giant one! And guess what he uses as a flag for his pirate ship…a Bengali badger named “Gupta”! Alright why I find it hilarious is not just because it’s an animal who has to climb up the flag pole and hang horizontally like a flag, but also because  it is a very common surname in North India – some of my relatives also have that as their surname :-)!!
                              All in all, it was a fun movie to watch.The 3D effects were good, the story was good and the comic timing was perfect. I might have believed that the movie was being played just for me – because of my seat – it was exactly in the middle with nobody in front of me to block the view.                  
It was a perfectly spent morning followed by a good lunch at a restaurant which has recently become my favorite.
Later I met my friend and her family for the festival – which was like the icing on the cake :-).
By the way, if you haven’t yet seen the movie – you are missing something – so don’t wait – just go.

“There IS a rainbow around every corner”….Sid


Madagascar 3 Madagascar 3 is on. And boy, is it only Europe’s Most Wanted? No sir, it is wanted everywhere :-).
The 3D effects are really good..I’d say by far the best I have seen – I literally flinched at several scenes.
The new characters – Wonderful.
The new locales – pretty pretty pretty.
Penguins and Monkeys collaboration – Awesome!
King Julien – falls in love!
Enemy – formidable!
And the story – of course good.
So what more can one want? Go for it if not seen already..

Men In Black – 3

So, MIB 3 – what to do about it? Go watch it, if you haven’t already done so! It’s hilarious..
Will Smith shines as usual. And I just got to thinking – what would have happened if Jackie Chan and Will Smith had joined forces?  I guess we’d have had a comedy experience of epic proprotions! I wonder why they didn’t do that!
Coming back to MIB – 3, well the movie has all those yucky, creepy things as before but there is a special twist this time – time travel and a well-kept secret. Some weepy, mushy stuff too – but the entertainment is complete. You would laugh involuntarily, as effortlessly as Will Smith times his comedy. Tommy Lee Jones with his stone like expression as before, which would make you think as if he’d had a botox job done on his face! Emma Thompson – you could wish for more – wonder why the film makers didn’t think of that! And then there’s Boris the Animal – who turns around the world (ok..time).
My verdict – watch it. I did see it in 3-D and cringed at things flying at me. So the effects are good. Go for it.

RMS Titanic

I have two things to write about and I am wondering which one should I write first. Chronological sequence should have been the logical choice but I am so enveloped in the magic of the second one right now that I will write about that first. That’s settled then.
So I watched Titanic again – this time in 3D and in the theater! Alright I wasn’t able to watch it the first time in the theater – that might sound unbelievable to some people but it’s a hard fact like so many other unbelievable things in life. But I am not complaining – I got to see it in 3D after all. Now the movie has never failed to touch me and you may laugh when I say that I’ve shed tears every time I’ve watched the movie, might have been at different scenes each time but always when the musicians continue to play the music on the decks, despite all the commotion and struggle for life around them. This time was no exception – somehow tear ducts seem to have emotion memory and they open up every time as if on cue!
Now I’ve watched this movie several times and every time I discover some or the other thing which I wouldn’t have noticed before. So what was it this time one may ask. This time it was the dialogue of Guggenheim – “We’re prepared to go down like gentlemen!”. Well he would have said that to make light of a situation so tense. But in general, the pretentiousness of the first class passengers seems shocking – even when death was staring everyone in the face! I wonder if something like that happened in today’s times, how would the behaviour of the people be.
And as I recently read about Kate Winslet being sick of the theme song, I think I understand – even I found it overwhelming this time. I wanted to just not hear it!
The movie for me is not about a love-story but a glimpse into that era – and that I think is the reason I like it. I’ve always wanted to see history – reading is good, but seeing – even if it’s someone else’s imagination – is better.
So until something else comes to bring me out of the magic – I will “go on” with this nice feeling in the heart :-)!08/04/2012
Now that the magic has subsided a bit, let me write about a technicality which bothered me while watching the movie – it seemed that the people looked smaller (like the hobbits?). Could that be because they appeared closer in space due to the 3D effects while the aspect ratio might not have been adjusted with regards to that? So  a few times, I removed my glasses to see how they appeared otherwise just to make sure I was watching characters from Titanic and not the Hobbits from the Lord of the rings :-).
Another thing that annoyed me a little was the constant chitter chatter of the group of people sitting beside me – I really don’t understand – don’t people get enough time to talk that they need to do so even when in a cinema? If you’ve spent so much money, then enjoy watching the movie, why do you need to converse? But the fact stays – common sense is not so common!

New Year – in the company of Sherlock Holmes

A very Happy New Year to you!

Sherlock Holmes made my day :-). This year looks promising – basing my hope on the first movie of the year. 
Great acting as usual, by Robert Downey and Jude Law. It’s a pity that Rachel McAdams didn’t have a bigger role. I also got to see a cathedral that I’ve seen in brought back memories:-)!
Good direction, good dialogues, great background score, action packed and most importantly, ended with a “?” .  Go for it!
(And I’ll be looking forward to the next one!)

Harry Potter – Final Movie

One needs at least one day to get over the blues after reading a book like the one I finished yesterday. Even after a day, as we say in hindi, “dil mein hamesha ke liye ek kirch rah jaati hai” which means – a shard remains embedded in the heart forever.
                       Nonetheless, I decided to bounce back and what better than to watch the victory of good over evil – thankfully Harry Potter finale was still there in the theaters. So I decided at around 9 am today to book the ticket and go for it. Now I generally haven’t waited that long for a Harry Potter movie (the movie has been in theaters since more than two weeks!) but this time somehow the “muhurt” (the time for a thing to happen) was not getting created. May be someone higher up knew that I’d need this today. So I went ahead and I wasn’t disappointed. (Alright this was the last one of the series so that’s one disappointment).

                           Harry’s final war with Voldemort was captured very well, even if there were some digressions from the book about the events. I watched it in 3D and the effects were quite good (the trick is to sit closer to the screen) – especially the depths of Gringott’s vault – the ride in it has to be the most awesome roller coaster ride that one can imagine :-), the rise of the Ukranian Ironbelly dragon, the presence of death eaters and the attack of nagini. The breaking of Hogwarts walls could have been captured a little better. Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione was superb, however I felt Daniel could do a little better in showing the anguish of Harry. But everything put together, I liked watching the movie. The last part where they showed the scene of nineteen years later after the battle was quite funny – to see all these teenager actors as parents :-). May be the director should have used other actors for that scene.
So another saga comes to an end. Wondering what would be the next phenomenon as big as Harry Potter?

Kung Fu Panda – 2

This Sunday morning was reserved for Po and the Furious Five. Yes, I am talking of Kung Fu Panda – 2.

The movie was “Awesome”, as expected (sometimes I feel Po is more American than Chinese 😉 due to his usage of this word).
This time you get to know of the origins of Po and an enemy whose existence he was not even aware of – Lord Shen.
Po’s camaraderie with the furious five is at it’s best, especially with the Tigress. All six of them together this time, but of course, the Panda is the hero – who finds “inner peace” at such a young age, which baffles Master Shifu, who could attain it only so late in his life! And then he uses the strength of this “inner peace” with the tactics of Kung Fu to defeat Lord Shen.
The stunts are great, the dialogs are good, the scenery is nice, also we have a soothsayer who also gives us several chances to laugh. So all in all, as they say it’s “paisa vasool” (total return on investment/value for money, if you didn’t get the phrase)!
Now something on the movie watching experience.
The theater was packed and people were really enthusiastic – clapping and cheering for Po and his friends whenever they bravely encountered Shen and his goons.
I’d never before seen an English animation movie with so much “fanfare”! Even in the Bollywood movies, I haven’t had such an experience since the times of the multiplexes but this Sunday reminded me of the whistles, the clapping, the hooting that were associated with people sitting in the less priced class of cinema halls (the front rows) in the old times 🙂 – who would cheer whenever the hero made his entry!
(For those who don’t know this – until the multiplex trend started, it was a strict no-no for families and ladies to sit anywhere else except the balcony class! The multiplexes started something as classic, silver and gold class – which don’t give any wrong images.)
Coming back to the movie, I would certainly recommend that you go and watch it – if not already done. If there’s a chance to watch in 3-D, then do it. In some scenes you might even involuntarily close your eyes feeling something is going to hit your face :-), which means to say that the 3-D effects are good. 
So here’s three cheers for Kung Fu Panda – 2.


“Rio” is yet another cool movie from the makers of “Ice Age”! The plot is good, the direction is good, the “actors” & their “voices” are good and the music is good! What more does one want from a movie? Watching in 3D was an added bonus but the movie is worth watching even in 2D!
It’s the story of a blue macaw from the jungles of Rio de Janeiro- who gets captured when very small but by sheer luck finds himself under the care of a kind little girl Linda.
Fifteen years later an ornithologist brings the news that he is the only male alive from his species! So of course, everyone wants him to meet with the only alive female of his species. That starts the adventure in Rio. And what an adventure – both for the birds and the humans who care about them!
If you still want to see a trailer before making up your mind, here it is – RIO.
Fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the adventure and have fun!

The Magic of Harry Potter

Finally got to watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I.
Now I am quite a fan of the series – books as well as the movies but somehow I didn’t like the movie adaptation of the Half Blood Prince. However, the latest one is back on track. Even though the story has been changed at a few places (could be necessary for movie adaptations) but that doesn’t seem incongruent.
The main storyline is the same as in the book.
It was a little annoying to listen to some guy behind me, loudly explaining to his friend what’s happening, but thankfully he was not incorrect or else I might have had to interfere!
There was another couple who’d brought their toddler who got scared as soon as Nagini opened her mouth to swallow Charity Burbage with a loud background music. It was a natural reaction but then who’d asked them to bring a baby along! Finally after about 15 minutes of wailing, they got the brainwave of taking the scared child outside the hall.
Despite all this (and having to tell a guy to stop tapping on the back of my seat), I enjoyed the movie. Waiting eagerly for part II get released, while also saddened that it would end the series. Nonetheless…

P.S.These days I am also intrigued by finding a musical piece of Beethoven’s cropping up everywhere – even in this movie! Are the heavens trying to tell me something?

How To Train Your Dragon

Yesterday I went to watch the movie that I’d been wanting to see since the day it was released. And glad that I did go – for it was worth every paisa (the phenomenon is becoming a rarity these days!). But that is what is expected from Dreamworks & Pixar – after all they themselves have set the standards with Shrek, Madagascar & Kung Fu Panda!

The movie was about a viking boy (named Hiccup!) who does not want to slay dragons like the rest of his clan. Instead he finds a specie of dragon which no viking has seen ever – Night Fury and names him “Toothless” and makes him his pet – of course keeping it a secret from everyone else. should go and watch the movie to see what happens next, if you haven’t done so yet! What are you waiting for? The special effects are amazing, the script is good, the dialogs are witty and best of all – the characters are adorable – you would see vikings in a different light after this :-).
I think that is the beauty of Dreamworks movies – they bring out the brilliance of the underdog – be it an ogre or a fat panda or in this case – a lanky boy who is different from the rest of his viking clan!
And this time, my whole movie experience was good – unlike Avatar – which in retrospect I feel that probably then I was so eager to see a 3-D movie that I just went to see it, much against my better judgement.
For “HTTYD” – everything was good – from the story to the 3-D effects. I had a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Bravo Dreamworks. Keep bringing good stuff like this to make movie-going a pleasure!