Funteresting – Episode 6

Listen to adviceThis week has been quite hectic. I was quite occupied for the first four days with a workshop and thus, Friday was a catching-up-with-work day. So today was taken off by me to do something else instead of getting caught up in the usual weekend activities of cleaning, laundering, grocery shopping and all the other domestic activities.

Now, as I sit back and relax, here is a post to let you know ,some interesting things that I wanted to write about since quite some time now.

Most of the times, when I read about a “life hack”, it’s usually about something to solve a common issue that we face in our day to day lives. For example, opening the lid of a bottle, peeling a lot of peanuts or garlic faster and so on. Some tricks work while some make you wonder what was the author thinking! There is one website which has tips for various categories such as Communication, Motivation, Relationships,Lifestyle, Family etc. There are dedicated authors there, who probably spend their working hours (instead of spare time like the rest of us) to find things from across the web and present for our use! Interesting work – isn’t it?

That reminds me of a remarkable person named Taras Kulakov, better known as Crazy Russian Hacker. Story goes that he used to be an employee at Walmart and made youtube videos in his spare time on science experiments and life hacks. His popularity increased so much that now he is a full time youtuber! In case you didn’t know this – youtube pays the video creators if their viewership exceeds a certain number. So it is quite plausible to make money without a regular job too! By the way, one of my colleague’s young son’s current ambition is to become a famous youtuber – but I guess his motivation is not money but probably fame :-).

Back on topic, one life hack tip that I recently employed was to get the coconut meat out of the shell, which usually was a very tedious process for me. The youtube channel is called WOW Recipes and has lots of interesting tips for the kitchen. In case you got curious, the trick is to freeze the coconut and then break the shell. The meat comes out like a ball! Check it out here. Another good one is how to keep coriander leaves fresh for long. I always needed to buy a new bunch every week and throw out last week’s semi-used bunch as it would have rotten in a week, until I employed this trick!

Let me know your thoughts about this and what hacks do you employ

Also, if you’d like to, you can post your interesting thoughts on your blog and link them to this post, which is part of the Funteresting event that I host every Saturday (details are on that event page). You can add the link of this post into your post so that I get a ping back about it.

With this I end my post and publish it, before I get another issue with my laptop.

Have a great weekend :-).


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