Funny names of towns and villages

It’s been quite a while since I read the book “Notes from a small island” by Bill Bryson, which is about the author’s travels across Great Britain and contains a good amount of humour. He mentioned some town/villages whose names … Continue reading Funny names of towns and villages

The Case of the Closed Door

Originally posted on Reflections on the river:
The interesting thing about any country is the small (but important) things which are a common practice by the locals but which leave the foreigners just plainly baffled who don’t know the protocol! And it’s in those moments, one might wonder whether this was part of the “divine comedy” or just some kind of random happening.Here’s an incident from a few days back. I was out with my team for a full day of meetings in a different city. After dinner, I arranged to leave with a colleague (S) whose hotel was very… Continue reading The Case of the Closed Door

Travel and Living

Originally posted on Reflections on the river:
Time is the only?one who has seen everything. It?has seen the humans evolving from nomads to settlers. It has seen them travelling far and wide – reasons?are aplenty.?The initial traveller moved for survival, then came the stage of?travelling to create one’s territory, next?came the traders, then?religion was?born who later married politics and the offspring were politico-religious travellers who wanted to spread their territory as well as religion, later people started travelling for studies, work,?health reasons?and?some travelled simply to ease the restlessness inside them! Then travel came under a new brand – tourism! ?… Continue reading Travel and Living