Maltese Archipelago For the second day of being in Malta (country), I had planned to go to the island of Gozo. A colleague/friend of mine had told me that he found Gozo to be much more nicer than Malta (Malta is both the name of the country and the biggest island of the Maltese archipelago).... Continue Reading →


Malta – Day 1

The good thing about morning flights for short duration trips is that you then have the whole day to explore the destination. But then there’s this challenge of reaching the airport. That's where a friend of mine C, has twice come to my rescue. She lives in a suburb that's like 20 minutes away from... Continue Reading →

Importance of Aachen in European History

Aachen's Rathaus (Townhall) is an interesting building. It is at the same spot where Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, had his palace in around 800 A.D. Over the centuries, the palace that was once the most important center of power and culture in Europe, deteriorated. This side of the palace was facing the Aachen... Continue Reading →

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