Funteresting – Episode 7

Saturday is the day when I get up a bit later than the weekdays and usually do all the cleaning and other mundane chores of a domestic life. But today I felt like doing something which I hardly get motivated to do – go for a morning walk! The key here is “Morning”. I did it by the sheer force of “not thinking”. You know what I mean? If you let your mind do the thinking that early, it will give you reasons for not getting up and you will get convinced. So the best way to get yourself some exercise is to not let the mind take over – I had read about this and today found that it works! (But that meant that I came back and slouched on the bed and feel lazy to do anything else today…side effects? Let’s see if I can again use the trick of not thinking and just doing what needs to be done, for other tasks too! )

Alright, now to the funteresting part of the post. I found this week that there is a photo competition called “Comedy Wildlife Photography“. Everyone must have seen at least one funny animal video on youtube. So this on similar lines, this is about taking comical pictures of animals (of course the subjects themselves weren’t aware that they would be looking funny doing what they were doing!). I loved the pictures submitted there and The Telegraph has chosen a few of the good ones, which you can see here. I do take pictures of animals but somehow haven’t gotten that shot which would be really eligible for an entry into the competition. Somewhat funny, from my collection of photos, is probably this one for it made me feel like the bigger one is giving a piece of its mind to the smaller one.

No one speaks when I am talking
No one speaks when I am talking

Let’s hope that one day I will have at least one decent photo to submit into this competition. Meanwhile if you have one, you could enter the competition.

So this was my funteresting update of this week. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be glad to read something from you – you can give comments or enter the event via a pingback to my post, by embedding this url into your post: Details of the event with some ideas for what you can write about, can be found here.

With that I end this post. Have a superb weekend :-).

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