Funteresting – Episode 2

The Observer
The Observer
Another Saturday is here and so is this latest episode of the funteresting events series. Without much ado, here are my thoughts for this week. Enjoy..
Recently while waiting to consult the doctor for an eye-test, I was quite bored. And then suddenly like an epiphany, I realized how some things that we see or do everyday can be quite weird. You can call that “oxymoronic” or ironic – whatever you like. (Do tell me if you have a better word..)
Here are some of those things:
  • Reading while waiting to consult an Opthalmologist!
  • Hard testing of software!
  • Using noise cancelling headphones to listen to noisy music!
  • Asking a fresh produce seller if his fruits and vegetables are fresh (as if he would tell you if they aren’t)!
  • ……

And all this contemplation also reminded me of an observation made by a table tennis partner that I had a few years back (both of us learnt it on our own and used to play just for fun at a club house in the apartment complex). And there we used to sometimes come across people who were a bit serious about the game (men generally) and wanted to smash each of our serves or returns. And on occasions when they couldn’t do that, they would look very closely at their table tennis bat as if it was somehow the fault of the bat! May be it was – after all inanimate objects have their own intelligence (like keys hiding from you when you need them, bread slice falling buttered side down, to give you a few examples..).

Oh yes, how could I forget this – a baby snake lost its way and came inside our office. Caused a little bit of stir (only little bit cause these days it has become quite common to see the snakes around, due to the rainy season). Nothing to worry about. The snake was taken away and put in a box which would then be taken by animal control people and released somewhere in the forest. Back to the topic, I think that the funny thing here was that in general, we are afraid of snakes but when armed with a mere camera, we tend to forget that fear and get busy “shooting” i.e. taking pictures, without thinking about the unpredictability of its reaction! If only I could get that fearlessness when I come face to face with a messy room – problem is camera doesn’t help there!

That’s all my thoughts for today. Looking forward to your messages on this.

If you are writing a post on your blog for this event, include my post link into yours, so that I get a ping back notification.

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And last but not the least, have a great weekend :-)..

6 thoughts on “Funteresting – Episode 2

  1. Really liked this post! Funny and interesting!!! 😉 All of the little stories here could lead to interesting conversations, but that would make my comment very long!!! 😀 I’m still thinking of what to write about for this challenge, hopefully I’ll participate next week! 🙂 I recently wrote about a girl kidnapping herself, how a banana was the most exotic thing I’ve eaten, sunbathing with farm animals in Greece and traveling to the Maldives without knowing where I was. I guess all of these could have been good for this challenge, and now I’m racking my brain for something interesting…!!! :O See you later!

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