What I saw beneath my feet

Coast beneath my feet
Coast beneath my feet

This week’s topic for the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is “Beneath Your Feet.”

Now usually, one has sand, gravel, soil or a mettled road beneath one’s feet. And that feels normal.

But how would you feel if you have a transparent glass beneath your feet through which you can see the vast expanse of the ocean and the forests and the hills and the city and and and…?

So this is what I experience in my trip to Hong Kong on the fourth day. I got to travel in a cable car with a glass bottom that took me over everything I mentioned above. The details of that day at Ngong Ping, are here.

It was such a thrilling experience if you remembered that you were in a closed box with 7 other people, suspended by a cable over the sea, which was the case with one of the passengers. But for the rest of us, it was an enjoyable journey of 5 kms covered in around half an hour. I loved every moment of it. And here are the pics.

Ocean beneath my feet
Ocean beneath my feet
Trees beneath my feet
A car beneath my feet
A car beneath my feet
A fisherman beneath my feet
A fisherman beneath my feet

And one day, soon, I hope to sit in a glass bottomed boat and see the sea life beneath my feet. Wish me luck for that!

3 thoughts on “What I saw beneath my feet

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  1. a glass bottomed cable car – yikes. I am certain that once the initial shock wore off, it would be okay, But what a lovely perspective you get once you step beyond. Nice post, good luck with the boat.


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