Funteresting – Episode 4

Another weekend is here and now I am wondering if the time is flying or I am too busy to feel the passing of time! But I remember that when I was younger, there were periods in which I felt that the time is moving too slowly. Like when there would be a power cut in peak summer times (all the people from India know how that is – especially in North India) or when I would be eagerly or anxiously waiting for something or sitting in the classroom trying to pay attention for subjects that didn’t interest me in the least bit (Chemistry).

But now, even if I don’t have anything to do, the time seems to be running fast – has the earth started rotating faster?

Anyway, that’s not the topic of today’s post. Coming back to the week, I got a very funny video sent to me by a friend.

Do watch it. It’s hilarious. Most of the time the actors are speaking in English. So you will understand.

Now if you have watched it and are through with your laughing, then here are some serious thoughts.

Don’t you feel that although there are so many good things about social media, some people have really taken it to that level where it seems that they have gotten into this obsessive compulsive need to tell everyone about their life 24X7? “Checked in <here>, checked out from <there>, am with <so and so>, eating <this>, drinking <that>” – sounds familiar? Who really cares about all this information? But then I am equally surprised at the number of people clicking on “Like”. Do they really care?

Having said all this, I am not not-guilty of doing some of it but may be to a lesser extent. But coming back to the topic. The satire above really poses this question – why do we do something? Because we like it or because we want the others to “Like” it? If one is busy searching for network so that he can update the status, then when will he enjoy the moment? There may be benefits of posting “real time” (like when you are in a jam or there is a calamity and you let others know so that they can avoid it) but most of the time, it is useless information. Gives me the feeling that either the person posting the stuff, enjoys the virtual world more than the real one or her company is so boring that she would rather be on the internet or she is so sad that she is putting on this persona for the virtual world. And all of the above could be wrong and it’s simply an addiction – just like any other, and there is no cure for it!

And all this now reminds me of a colleague of mine who told me that he went on a vacation with his family to a place in Ireland (intentionally) where there was no internet access, even the phone was only for emergencies. His children were reluctant to go but then went. But then also, the children wanted to remain glued to their devices (ipads) rather than enjoy the fabulous outdoors! Another one told the first thing wanted by his niece, who came to visit, was the wi-fi password.

Anyway, so I will end my ranting here. Hope it gave you something to think about. With that thought, have a great weekend and if you find you are addicted too, then go out, smell the roses and tell me later about it :-)!

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P.S. I will go out too..without my phone..

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  1. Lovely post 🙂 So agree with everything! I refuse to do any social media (besides this!). I also don’t think it’s smart to tell the whole world too much about you, your habits and locations at every time – not everyone out there has good intentions. Blogging is a bit different, because I would write, reminsce, and take photos anyway – now I just have a tiny audience. But sometimes I feel like a traitor – like blogging is too much as well! Interesting topic, well covered!


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