Fountains of Aachen

There is something quite charming about water fountains. I remember that in the city in India where I spent a lot of my life growing up, there used to be a huge fountain, at a roundabout in the center of the city, that used to be lit up with colorful lights in the evenings. While... Continue Reading →


Sunny Day

For the first time in the last three years have I found a warm sunny Easter. So it would have been a crime to be indoors. But strangely I am unable to go anywhere either - sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus that strangely seems to have stopped the service, despite the... Continue Reading →

The Hills, Bombardier Saint, Prison, Theater, An Unusual Museum, and a Well-deserved Ouzo

Continuing from the previous post, when I had just reached the other end of the pedestrian street I was walking on, from where I could either go to the Philopappos Hill (Hills of Muses, Pnyx, Nymphs) or towards the Acropolis. I am actually wondering now how did I end up there - was that street... Continue Reading →

The Priest, Souvlaki, Ancient Cemetery, and Roman Mosaics on the way

In the post about my last day of strolling in Athens, I stopped at the Cathedral and explained about the old Cathedral. The breakfast had long been burned out. But you know the urge to take pictures of everything that looks interesting, is more overpowering than the hunger. Well, I wasn't starving. If I'm super hungry,... Continue Reading →

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