Focal Point

I often am fascinated by the human body – what a marvelous work of engineering! Today am admiring the wonderful sense of sight – the eyes. It’s raining out here and I am just looking out at the scene through the glass window with a cup of coffee. With my eyes, I can see everything so clearly even outside but the camera can focus only on what’s closest to it. 

In this photo, you can see my coffee in focus and the chaos outside, even if it’s blurred. So I am very thankful for the camera because that’s possibly the only way I can capture and share the moments that I like, visually, with everyone, for lack of that kind of artistic talent which also requires time and effort to master. 

Coffee on a rainy day

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And here is the photo of the same place after it has stopped raining.


This Easter, I finally broke the winter hibernation and travelled – not for business but for a vacation. Just returning and wanted to put it all down on “paper” asap! 

So, I booked a blind ticket with an airlines and it spat out Vienna at the end of the booking. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it works like this – you give a set of dates that you are willing to travel on, the number of days for which you would be flexible, and depending on the offer choose from a set of cities that you could go to. By giving this flexibility on your part, the airlines booking algorithm will maximize it’s route plans and give you a cheap option. The catch is that the final destination will be revealed at the end of the booking i.e. after the payment, and the flight timings can be odd. 

But anyway, I did it for the experience and I would say that in the end, surprisingly the surprise trip turned out to be pretty good. Next time, I would try to keep an eye also on the flight timings.

The details of the trip itself would be coming soon. For the time being, I wanted to post this in response to the Photo challenge of Dailypost for the week – which surprisingly is titled “Surprise“! 

So here are some pics to show you from my trip that could surprise anyone!

Who’s the killer?

Ya, curry instead of Murray would be surprising!

Was I on Reverse Earth?

More to come..

On the top

In the day to day life, we are so caught up in looking forward that we don’t see what is above or below. But when you do remember to look up or down, sometimes you see interesting things. This specially happens when you travel because then you don’t have to be in a hurry to be at work, at school, at the doctor’s, at a restaurant or even to be at home. Then you want to take in all the sights of the place you are at.

So here are some scenes that I captured looking up, which the residents of those cities may find mundane.

A man sitting at the top of the stairs at the train station in Brugge
An owl overseeing the proceedings of busy Barcelona on a rainy day from the top
Plane flying near the top of the tower of a building in Brussels
The bridge connecting the top of two towers at the church in Esslingen

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Wishes and Dreams

I often wonder about this process of wishing and dreaming. Is this something that only humans can or animals also have these kind of thoughts? Anyway, for the purpose of this post, let’s see how we make our wishes. More often than not, they are given as an appeal to the gods in whom we may have faith and wait for them to be fulfilled.

Here’s a lady lighting incense at a Buddhist temple probably wishing for the well-being of her loved ones.

Wish_Hong Kong

And here are the locks that we see on the bridges (I don’t know who started the trend) put there by couples who wish to “lock” their love forever and throw the key :).


And here are the wishes that people of the erstwhile East Germany had (now painted on an artistic graffiti wall).


It’s quite a coincidence that very recently I learnt (not yet completely though) the sentence formations for wishes and dreams in German. Oh yes, there is a lesson about that too in the curriculum! I don’t remember having been taught that in English or Hindi as a theme :-). But then nobody says German is an easy language to learn. I can only wish that I can learn it!

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The Sunshine

It was a cold Monday in the beginning of autumn when the temperatures suddenly dropped, when I found myself at the lake. I had been walking for a long time and was tired. So it was quite nice to find a place sit in the sun watching the swans and ducks. The sun rays dancing on the water made everything look so much more beautiful than if it was cloudy. It was a lovely day..


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Whenever we hear of water, we think of everything from a drop to an ocean, that is  which we can associate with the liquid form of this chemical – H2O.

Here’s another view of water – in the form of clouds rising in the valley. It could be anywhere in the world and yet, evoke the same feelings of a kind of mystique and something ancient.


Or it could be the solid form – the snow that turns to ice, which makes everything stop..


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