Elements of nature

It’s amazing how the same setting can evoke different emotions inside us. See for yourself.

The photo below was captured at night when the wind was howling, skies were overcast with clouds but the moon was able to peek out briefly. Makes you think of ghosts and werewolves I guess.


And the picture below was taken the next morning when the sun was out, winds had calmed down and the skies had cleared a bit. Makes you think of serenity – doesn’t it?


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In our day to day lives, most of us are so busy just getting through each day that we forget what is it that really gives us satisfaction and thus, happiness. I don’t know if someone gets satisfaction out of getting up each morning after snoozing the alarm five times, sometimes getting breakfast and sometimes having to forego for fear of getting late, getting through traffic to reach the place of work, managing the work through the day, coming back exhausted, eating, sleeping and then starting all over again. Then add to it the responsibilities of the family and you won’t know where the day went. The things we accumulate in this process – are they satisfying us?

What gives each one of us satisfaction is very subjective.

For me, satisfaction comes out of creation. It could be the solution to a problem, an artwork, a piece of writing, a nice meal, and best of all, seeing the creation of mother nature.

For instance, after planting the seeds, watering the plants, protecting them from the pests, isn’t it extremely satisfying to see the flowers turning to fruits?


So take a break, sit back and think..what gives You satisfaction? Then what’s stopping you from doing it?

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Soothing Greens

Year after year, seasons come and seasons go. For places which have harsh winters, the winter season seems to be the most difficult one with the cold weather, grey skies, barren trees, no sound of chirping birds, a kind of gloominess which just seems to take over everything. But you learn with experience that actually, life is just taking some rest. Human beings are complex beings, and fortunately or unfortunately, cannot go into hibernation. So we try to keep our spirits up by gathering together, have festivals, just so we have something else to keep our minds occupied, to get through that depressing time.

And then Spring comes and greenery seems to explode everywhere! It seems like magic to me – even if I see it happening every year. It’s the season of life. So putting my green lens on to celebrate it. Join the celebration..

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The Sunshine

It was a cold Monday in the beginning of autumn when the temperatures suddenly dropped, when I found myself at the lake. I had been walking for a long time and was tired. So it was quite nice to find a place sit in the sun watching the swans and ducks. The sun rays dancing on the water made everything look so much more beautiful than if it was cloudy. It was a lovely day..


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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

I have been interested in macro photography since a long time, even though I don’t have the optimal photography gear for it. But that is not stopping me from finding the subjects! They are everywhere – we just don’t pay enough attention.

See what I found recently on a plant.

Two ants in conversation.

Two ants in conversation.

Besides the curiosity about their topic of conversation, another thing that made me ponder was the perspective – both the ants are in opposite directions – face to face but one of them hanging vertically with respect to the leaf. It kind of reminded me of a scene from Spiderman movie!