Focal Point

I often am fascinated by the human body – what a marvelous work of engineering! Today am admiring the wonderful sense of sight – the eyes. It’s raining out here and I am just looking out at the scene through the glass window with a cup of coffee. With my eyes, I can see everything so clearly even outside but the camera can focus only on what’s closest to it. 

In this photo, you can see my coffee in focus and the chaos outside, even if it’s blurred. So I am very thankful for the camera because that’s possibly the only way I can capture and share the moments that I like, visually, with everyone, for lack of that kind of artistic talent which also requires time and effort to master. 

Coffee on a rainy day

For more photos about interpreting Focus, you can look here

And here is the photo of the same place after it has stopped raining.


Inspiration comes in various forms. And today it came in the form of this daredevil’s stunts who said:

“You’ve got to push your limits to learn where they actually are.”

– Robbie Maddison

I wanted to originally post on this topic for the daily-post’s weekly photo challenge, but then I found this today and since I haven’t taken the pictures here, I didn’t understand if it can be shared or not.

Nonetheless, I had to write this down.

Watch the video here:

Read the full story on Pipe Dream.

Be inspired…