Words of wisdom

So I managed to finally get where I wanted to go, after waiting for a long time. I wonder if those who seem to have either everything in their control or everything going as per their plans are special beings or they just have a secret behind it. I for sure am not one of... Continue Reading →

Sunny Day

For the first time in the last three years have I found a warm sunny Easter. So it would have been a crime to be indoors. But strangely I am unable to go anywhere either - sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus that strangely seems to have stopped the service, despite the... Continue Reading →

The Hills, Bombardier Saint, Prison, Theater, An Unusual Museum, and a Well-deserved Ouzo

Continuing from the previous post, when I had just reached the other end of the pedestrian street I was walking on, from where I could either go to the Philopappos Hill (Hills of Muses, Pnyx, Nymphs) or towards the Acropolis. I am actually wondering now how did I end up there - was that street... Continue Reading →

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