Malta – The Doors of Mdina

I cannot believe that I didn't post about Malta up until now. It's been almost four months since I was there, although it seems like such a distant memory. Ah, this illusory concept called Time! Nonetheless, what better way to start than to take you "through the doors"! So, before the Knights Hospitaller (Knights of... Continue Reading →

Last night in Sofia

Unlike the accounts of all my other travels, I am writing this time first about what I am feeling on the last night (of the first trip) here in Sofia. It has been a lovely journey for the most part - primarily because of having met really nice and warm people. It felt like India... Continue Reading →

Importance of Aachen in European History

Aachen's Rathaus (Townhall) is an interesting building. It is at the same spot where Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, had his palace in around 800 A.D. Over the centuries, the palace that was once the most important center of power and culture in Europe, deteriorated. This side of the palace was facing the Aachen... Continue Reading →

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