Malta – Adventure with Avengers

While in Malta or may be even before reaching there, I’d had the thought that I would go watch the last Avengers movie – Endgame in Malta. So after the walking tour of Mdina and exploring a bit of Rbat, I decided to do that. I’d already checked the location of the cinemas where the movie was running. And one of them appeared to be at St. Julian’s. Now the confusion ensued as the fellow traveler from the walking tour mentioned that her hotel was at St. Giljan’s and there would be a bus going there but she wasn’t sure that St. Julian and St. Giljan are two names of the same place. So she went ahead to her bus stop and I stayed at another. In all that confusion, I let the buses for Valletta pass by me. That was a big mistake because then the next buses came very late and I was getting disheartened every minute that I won’t make it. But then I found a show that would be starting slightly later. So I just boarded the next bus that came by to take me to Valletta and then found the bus from there to St. Julian. It was a very interesting landscape in that direction with beautiful bays full of boats in them. I really felt like getting down and strolling there but for the time.

Finally, I reached the cinema 15 mins after the start of the show that I originally wanted to see. I’d have gone in late as the people at the box office had no problem in selling the ticket except for the fact that I realized that it was in 2D! The show later was in 3D. So it was kind of an obvious choice and in that moment of 3D vs 2D, I forgot to consider how late it would get after the film ended and took the ticket for the later show (it was a realllllllly long movie – even by Bollywood standards!).

Anyway, so there I was with almost an hour to spare. The nice elderly ticket checker at the gate suggested to take a stroll around but also said that I was welcome to sit in the lobby and wait if I preferred to do that. I sat for some time but then thought of getting something to eat. So I went out but could get only some French Fries at a McD due to my food restrictions. Couldn’t finish them so sneaked them inside the cinema with me. Was a good decision because you know, the movie was reallllllly long!

Colorful windows of a nice hotel in St. Julian’s

Then once the movie got over, it was time to go back to Valletta. Now the adventure. Google maps got confused. like it so often does when there are tall buildings around. So it sent me in the opposite direction and I found myself in a party district! I realized that in time and turned around and decided to just go where I had gotten down from the bus. Then google maps also got some sense back into it and told me that I was at the right place. Saw a bus leaving but didn’t make the run for it. Asked the driver of a parked one and he mentioned to wait at the other side of the street. I waited apprehensively as there was no one around but then someone came along. Then the same bus whose driver I’d talked with, came there after a few minutes. It’s an interesting bus service in Malta – there are night lines after 11 PM or so and the frequency is quite good, at least towards Floriana (the town right outside the Valletta city gates). But the charges are double of that during the day. So if you have the 12 rides card, then on the night line, the journey would be counted as 2 rides. So after some time and counting the stops as I was a bit nervous about it being so late, I was in Floriana. Got down, enjoyed the nice cool breeze, crossed the road without having to worry about cars and buses, saw the church and the streets decorated for the feast of St. Publius for that weekend and leisurely went to the place I was staying at.

The Church in Floriana decorated for the weekend feast (don’t know what these tables in the foreground were for)

Thus ended the adventures of my third day and thus, this post. I’m glad to be free now to write about the last full day I had at Malta. Coming soon..

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