Malta – How did I go there of all the places?

I sometimes wonder if we end up being somewhere because the traditional gods planned it thus or because the new gods (of the internet) make it so! Let me tell my story and you can decide for yourself what to believe in.

Crossing the mountains..

One fine day in February, just a week after I’d returned from a trip home, there was a water mishap in my apartment, which made the basement flood (thankfully controllable with the help of my neighbors). So we had to cut the supply of water to my apartment while the technicians came in subsequent days to figure out the issue. So on Friday, I was quite frustrated having no running water at home and told a friend of mine that I would just come to her place and have dinner with her. Right before I was about to shut down my computer after the day’s work and get ready to go to her home, I happened to open my mail. What did I see? An email from Lufthansa offering relatively cheap flights to some destinations. Since Luftansa is not a budget airline, so anything under 100 Euros feels like winning a lottery with them. At that moment, it felt like the gods were giving me some compensation for my troubles of that week!

Among the destinations on the list, somehow Malta stood out. I’d never been there, didn’t know anything about it except hearing two years ago from one colleague about another colleague having gone there for a vacation a few years ago and just clicked through to the booking. And there, I had something else to focus on while dealing with the water crisis!

Yes, I did go to my friend’s after all this and told the story to her. Had a nice dinner with her family and then came home, ready to take on the challenge of the next days. It is still not over – the tiles need to be fixed but that is not interesting.

First glimpse of the Maltese waters with a ship in it..

Now that I have begun the story, I am confident that I will complete it :-).

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