Inspiration (or rather the lack of it)

Off late, it’s become quite a mundane existence for me. I do collect lots of things but then don’t do anything with them – art supplies, craft stuff, kitchen appliances, exercise things, photography stuff, subscriptions to lessons, learning urls, pins on pinterest, to name a few. It’s as if there is no desire to create anything because of the feeling of the futility of it all. And I don’t know how to get out of it or whether there is even a need to do that. Is it the classic midlife crisis or is it do with the fact that I’ve had to make so many trips to the docs last year to figure out the cause for my food sensitivities (without success) ?

May be getting to see the sun again, would reset my batteries. I didn’t want to put this out as the entry on the topic of Inspiration but I find the pic above (the napping bird at a zoo) so hilarious that I just thought of sharing it nonetheless even if at the moment it is used to depict the lack of inspiration.

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