The State of Nothingness

Found this “last edited in 2012” post that’s been lying in the drafts folder. It’s 2019 now and yet, I still have the same questions, after having experimented a bit in the meantime, with free as well as paid courses.
Meditating  – what an interesting exercise. The instructions say to block all thoughts from entering your mind. Now is that even possible? It feels like an eternity when you close your eyes and try stopping any thoughts that flow like the winds blowing in an open field. Some people have claimed that they’ve been able to hold their thoughts for up to 2 minutes – and I wonder how did they know that it was for 2 minutes unless they were thinking about time all the while.
                  But one could wonder if it would be meditation if one was thinking about meditation itself? I guess not. Why is it so difficult to hold the thoughts? I read somewhere that even while sleeping there are thoughts. I’m not sure of that because I’ve never been able to recall any after having woken up. What I am sure of is that it would be a really interesting state – that of having no thoughts! Though there are lots of self-proclaimed teachers of meditation but I wonder if anyone can really be taught.
                 Since meditation is supposed to make you reach the state of nothingness, does it imply that without thoughts, there is nothing in this world? Then Rene Descartes’ proclamation “Cogito ergo sum”, which means “I think, therefore I am” makes sense to me. And if that’s the case, why would one want to reach that state of nothingness when the self is lost? May be it’s an experiment which one needs to do for himself/herself and based on the outcome, one can decide which state one wants to be in. But to decide, the prerequisite is the successful completion of the experiment!

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