The Best of Athens

First of all a very Happy New Year to us. Hope that it brings beautiful times and fulfillment of our wishes, while we take another trip around the sun!

It’s been almost two months since my visit to Athens but I can still not stop thinking about it. Despite having lost a lot of my photos (don’t worry, the tears have dried now – mostly), I still have a stash that I can look at and re-live the moments when I exclaimed, chuckled or simply just stood lost in time. Enjoy the photos.

An ancient kid’s potty, along with the instruction manual!
The Lucky Pigeons who get to eat Olives!
Interesting it supposed to entice you to buy stuff?
So, this moment and village is super important as that’s giving me the visa-free chance to see Europe!
Pillars of the Temple of Zeuss, with Acropolis in the distance on the hill; how magnificent it’d have been in its time!
Exploring the Aegean Sea, same as so many ancient sailors would’ve (but I had wifi aboard!)
And the beautiful sunset over the Aegean Sea
The Real-life slo-mo movement of the Guard at the Parliament (Syntagma)!
A sign on the ground telling you to be aware of the pickpockets!
A museum about the school system in Greece! Took me back to my school days…oh the good ol’ days..

Beautiful Orange Trees laden with fruits throughout the city!

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