Travels, Food and Conversations

I think people with the travel bug have a restlessness, a feeling of looking for something that they have not found yet, a yearning that doesn’t let them settle. In India, there is an expression that roughly translates to mean the “enjoyment of tasting a sweet by a person who cannot speak” – meaning the person can enjoy something but cannot explain that enjoyment to anyone else! The joy of travel is kind of like that. There are of course discomforts that one has to endure along the way like getting lost, waiting for transport at odd times at odd places, weather, uncertainties, delays, things turning out to be completely the other way round as planned, falling ill, and many more. But then on getting to explore the new place that you had never thought you would be at, there is also a kind of happiness.

Food for me is quite important. As a child, I’d read an Indian folk tale in which an exiled prince gets 3 advices from a wise man in exchange for 3 diamonds (all that the prince had). One of the advices was to leave everything and have your meal when it’s time for the meal! Full story – may be another time or may be I should start a blog about the folk tales I remember from my childhood! Coming back to the topic – I do believe in that advice. So it’s quite a joy during travels when you can find a place where you can get the food of your liking! Sometimes, that doesn’t happen and you then have to survive on bananas and chips!

Ah and then there are these conversations which are like food for the mind. It was interesting during my recent travel to Madrid to be staying at a Pension where the hostess was super nice but spoke only Spanish. I could understand what she asked or said with her gestures and by locating some keywords in the sentences but I couldn’t answer her the same way. In the pre-smartphone times, I don’t know how would I have managed but armed with the translation capabilities of the smartphone connected to the internet, it was quite easy for me to converse with her! Every evening when I returned exhausted from my explorations, she asked me how the day went and every morning she would wish me a good day. It really felt like being with your family but minus any obligations! It had a personal touch unlike when you stay at a big Hotel and nobody there “disturbs” you by talking with you!

And then we travelers are back home after all of that, take a really loooooong sleep and very soon forget all the hardships endured during the trip that made us swear not to ever do iy again and then start dreaming about when and where the next adventure would be!

P.S. The obligation of cleaning the home while being at home, is probably another reason for wanting to just keep on traveling!

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