Madrid – Day 4

After falling asleep late the previous night, I thought I would get up late. But the internal clock somehow knows when to wake you up – alarm or no alarm. And it’s not that I felt exhausted to get up. So dillydallying for some more time (no sunlight, till around 8:00 am, kind of makes you think it’s too early to get up).

But then I did get up and decided to do some of the things suggested by some helpful folks on the internet. The first one was – go to El Rastro street market that takes place every Sunday. But before that I again needed breakfast! The search took me to the opposite direction but then what can one do – empty stomach doesn’t help the thinking very much!

So after getting some fuel, I braced myself to go to El Rastro. Although the other thing I wanted to do was closer to the restaurant, I’d read that it gets too crowded if you go later to that market. So I just went ahead. And boy, it felt so much like being in India (but minus the art of haggling) where I believe every big city has some weekly markets which have been running since nobody knows when! And the internet advisors were absolutely right- by the time I wanted to return, the crowd had swollen to enormous proportions! I bought some things which I know will probably just collect dust later but when one is a shopaholic, that affected part of thr brain finds ways to justify the purchases!

Funny was to see Made in India things being sold by Spanish people – incense sticks, jewelery, clothes with Indian motifs, decoration items, bedsheets and what not.

It had also a fleamarket with old stuff in one part of the street. One could find a lot of things there to go back in time!

Now, the next part of the day was to be spent in the museum of Reina Sofia. The internet posts said that on Sunday it would be free from 10:00 to 2:30 Pm. So I hurried, only to find that seemingly the times have changed to start the free entrance only at 1:30 PM!

So I thought of getting some lunch in the meantime. Again walked a lot only to find that the kitchen of that restaurant would be ready only at 1:30! So moved on and found another place where finally I could get something to eat. Relaxed a bit, drank lots of water (that seems to be forgotten when you are travelling isn’t it?) and then went back to the museum.

There was a small queue and cleared pretty soon, which was quite pleasant after the experience with the Prado museum two days ago!

But then – may be not everyone is into Modern Art. I am not into it either but I wanted to see Guernica – the famous work of Picasso.

Reina Sofia Museum

So I went and despite not wanting to spend too long there, it was almost 3 hours later that I came out! Quite interesting was to see the “antiart” movement of Russians during the revolution. The collection was called “Russian Dada” – the artists are called Dadaists! Their art was not the normal art of the times of rest of Europe. It was quite strange. Check it out on the Museum page to know more.

Once done from there, I wanted to go to the El Retiro Park to see the crystal palace as it was mentioned in Reina Sofia that some temporary exhibition about something called “Breathing Spaces” was running there. Turned out to be huge structures made of colored glass with modern artsy symbolism of noses (that’s what it felt like to me) inside this enclosure. The park itself is beautiful and quite big. You can sit, read, walk, run, play – do whatever you like, away from the hubbub of the city despite being in the middle of the city!

Crystal Palace at El Retiro park

I think if I count the no. of steps I have taken today, it should cover a month’s worth of 10K steps per day! Even tiredness has no energy left to tell me that I am tired!

Done with the dinner, I think I should try to sleep. Let’s see what the next day brings. I haven’t planned anything yet. Will see tomorrow morning how it feels and decide then. Buenos Noches for now!

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