Madrid – Day 1

Although I am very much behind on completing the posts about my other trips, I thought of posting this one right away as otherwise the backlog will just get bigger.

It was a long flight (comparatively speaking) of around 3 hours and I was in the middle seat of a budget carrier. So one can imagine the aches and pains that came afterwards. Nonetheless, it was quite alright in terms of timeliness considering the delay at runway due to the air traffic.

I was mostly asleep but whenever I woke from my slumber, I saw beautiful sights outside. Mountains, rivers, land – the names of which I have no idea about. Was a bit tricky to capture pics while sitting in the middle seat but I managed to take a few.

Upon landing, there was some waiting but thankfully, there was no long bus ride required to reach the terminal, unlike at the source. After getting out and looking around for a few minutes, I found my way to the bus stop. Internet had suggested to take the train or metro but then I was tired to look for the station and understand the system. So I stuck to the bus no. 203 which brings passengers from airport to Atocha. There was some traffic jam on the way but it was not too bad. It was a funny feeling with the window open – like in India! From the bus I tried capturing the building and what I got was a picture looking like a postcard!

Then armed with google maps (đź’•), I reached the place I am staying at for the trip. Not luxurious but does the job. The owner speaks only Spanish but you know with translate tools, I think I will manage.

After refreshing myself, I set out to briefly see the city. Here’s Plaza Mayor with people all around enjoying dinner at the restaurants on the periphery.

Then I moved from there to Puerta del Sol. That was more animated than Plaza Mayor with street artists. The lights of the building attracted me so I clicked a picture. It is the Royal Mail House or Clock Tower of the Sun House. I will know more about it may be today.

Then I looked for the statue of the bear around which I am supposed to meet the walking tour group. A group of elderly ladies were getting a group picture taken. If they’d have asked me, I could have taken a picture of all of them instead of one of them having to be the photographer! I didn’t offer and they didn’t ask so that’s that.

Then I decided to return. On the way I found this building with interesting lights but I have no idea what is this building. May be during the day I can find out.

Then I found an icecream shop, had one and called it a day. So far so good. The TV in the room has English channels too which seems like such a big deal after being in Germany! Brought myself to sleep after watching an episode or two of The Big Bang theory.

Let’s see what today brings!

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