Tips for Budapest

It feels like so long ago when I was in Budapest, although it’s been a few months only. Here are some of the tips that I have for Budapest from my experience there:

  • First of all – the currency is Hungarian Florints (HUF). So you would need to get some – either at the airport or later in the city. My suggestion – take what is needed for the transport from the ATM or at the forex counter at the airport. Then later in the city center, you can find forex shops with much better exchange rates. You can see the rates from outside the shops. So explore a bit instead of just going into the first one you see.
  • From the airport, there are buses and metros that you can take. All Public Transport information can be found here. I took the bus 200E to the metro station Kobanya Kispet and then took the metro.
  • I found the 24 hour or 72 hour travel cards to be very good value for money for all public transport.
  • The 24 hour Budapest card might be useful for some, as besides the transport it allows for free entry to the History Museum and 3D history in castle district. But please check that against the days of your stay to make sure that you don’t take it for the day/time when the museums are closed.
  • There are lots of trams plying throughout the city but there is a special one – Tram number 2 – which you can use for easy sightseeing on the Pest side. Several good points of interest are on the route of this tram.  In fact, you could just sit in the tram and go from start to end and back, if you don’t have time to take the boat ride on the Danube!
  • On the weekdays, boat numbers D11 and D12 from various points can also be taken – included in the 24/72 hour travel card. So you can do that also if you want to go on the Danube but you don’t want a lengthier relaxed boat ride.
  • There is a bus number 16 for exploring the castle district, although you can do it on foot too. You can even go to the castle hill on foot from near the Chain Bridge or via a funicular. It’s quite a relaxed hike.
  • Take the walking tour. It will orient you and the tour guides will give great advice at the end of the tour for exploring further. I took this one: and was very happy with the experience.
  • Food options are great. I even found vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options easily. They have nice wines as well.
  • Best of all – people are very nice and friendly.

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