Home may signify many things but most of all it is the place where the wifi greets you with open arms, immediately, without complains, as soon as you are within the range, without the need of any words!

Jokes apart, I just realized, after coming back to my country after two years, that home is actually the place where I am able to speak with everyone in the language that I was first taught – the mother tongue. I had never felt that way because I was never away for so long. And it’s not that I cannot speak other languages but there is a warmth in speaking in one’s mother tongue that cannot be replaced. I am sure everyone feels that way about their native languages.

I don’t know if when I return from home, would it take some time to settle back into the feeling of acceptance for not being able to communicate with each and everyone around me, due to my lack of proficiency in the local language or it will just feel like the normal there. But that will be tackled when the time comes. Until then, I will just soak in the warmth – of home as well as of the sun!

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