Italian Adventure – Day 1

Since I have a whole backlog of drafted posts about places that I  have visited but somehow not completed, for this trip, I have decided to write something at the end of each day. I had done this for my Hong Kong trip and it proved effective in keeping me disciplined about my blog. So let’s give it another try.

The morning started normally with breakfast, cleaning up and checking that everything was as it should be. Since the flight was rather in the evening, I had no hurry. Loved the relaxed pace. The only drawback of flights in the evening is that you end up in a new place quite late and cannot really do much except finding your hotel and getting some sleep. So after much deliberation, I decided to lock and get out of my apartment. It was too early – I knew – but I had great plans – of going to a restaurant in the city that serves one of my favorite cuisines – South Indian.

You know..just in case


For the first time in months, the bus that I had to take to the city was on time. So I reached right at the lunch hour. No complaints! Went to the restaurant, ordered my food, relished it and then came out. As it happens, when you are packing, despite having done that so many times, there is always something that you need to buy. This time it was – Spray for Mosquitoes as I had read some recent review last night about mosquitoes being there at my destination. So I went to purchase that and of course, one buys more than what one goes for. Lozenges, disinfectant tissues and so know.

After all this, I headed to the station to take the train to the airport. Missed one by 3 minutes. Then waited for the next one. Reached and did all the exercise of security check. Then sat down to relax a bit and started to surf the internet. Was just checking if there would be a power/usb point in the flight. Was flying with this airline for the first time – so had no idea what to expect. There are enough scary blogs with people’s stories about the strict rules of the airlines. Anyway, I reached a post which had pointers about surviving this flight. I could checkmark all the points regarding te procedure until I reached one about having to get some stamp at the airlines counter before the security check. Say whhhhhaaaat? This couldn’t be happening. The boarding pass that I had printed had all the instructions except this. I didn’t have any check-in luggage so naturally, I didn’t think of going to the check-in counter. I then searched more and found a page on the website of the airlines. It said something similar to what the blogger had mentioned. So after chatting with a colleague who had taken a flight with this airline last year, I came out of the departures area into arrivals area. Went to the checkin counter and voila – at two counters,  it did say “visa check for all flights”.  Got that done, went back through security check. Now I know that the barcode on your boarding pass doesn’t work the second time to let you enter again – so you have to explain your drama to the security personnel and then they let you in. Thankfully I had enough time at hand.

After that it was fine. I didn’t expect too much so was not disappointed. Had a good co-passenger. The pilot was quite funny – my  co-passenger and I agreed that in the absence of in-flight entertainment, the pilot kept us amused with his funny well-meaning announcements every few minutes. Just imagine English with Italian accent and add to it statements like “you like it, you buy it; you don’t like it, you don’t buy”. Got the picture?

I also had some very nice views from my window. Some I could click and some I couldn’t – I think they were more mesmerizing.

Over the Alps with the moon in distance
The sunset in progress while the plane was descending

Upon reaching the airport, I came out and found that it was quite easy to find the shuttle to the city. There are many platforms and you can see the schedule on each platform. Went to the one that was just ready to go. Paid the bus assistant and got the ticket. Reached the city and found my hotel easily (thank you google maps). Then the big question – what to eat.

The concierge said that the restaurants would be closing so I asked for supermarkets. They too were about to close so I rushed. Imagine my surprise that the first open one that I found was an Indian grocery store! Bought something but not what I had the means to eat at the hotel (it requires heating). Went further and found another supermarket which was closing soon – the lady said to me “2 minutes”. I agreed to hurry up and grabbed a bag of peanuts and some lemonade. That’s dinner for tonight.

Until tomorrow..buonasera!

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