This Easter, I finally broke the winter hibernation and travelled – not for business but for a vacation. Just returning and wanted to put it all down on “paper” asap! 

So, I booked a blind ticket with an airlines and it spat out Vienna at the end of the booking. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it works like this – you give a set of dates that you are willing to travel on, the number of days for which you would be flexible, and depending on the offer choose from a set of cities that you could go to. By giving this flexibility on your part, the airlines booking algorithm will maximize it’s route plans and give you a cheap option. The catch is that the final destination will be revealed at the end of the booking i.e. after the payment, and the flight timings can be odd. 

But anyway, I did it for the experience and I would say that in the end, surprisingly the surprise trip turned out to be pretty good. Next time, I would try to keep an eye also on the flight timings.

The details of the trip itself would be coming soon. For the time being, I wanted to post this in response to the Photo challenge of Dailypost for the week – which surprisingly is titled “Surprise“! 

So here are some pics to show you from my trip that could surprise anyone!

Who’s the killer?

Ya, curry instead of Murray would be surprising!

Was I on Reverse Earth?

More to come..

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