On the top

In the day to day life, we are so caught up in looking forward that we don’t see what is above or below. But when you do remember to look up or down, sometimes you see interesting things. This specially happens when you travel because then you don’t have to be in a hurry to be at work, at school, at the doctor’s, at a restaurant or even to be at home. Then you want to take in all the sights of the place you are at.

So here are some scenes that I captured looking up, which the residents of those cities may find mundane.

A man sitting at the top of the stairs at the train station in Brugge
An owl overseeing the proceedings of busy Barcelona on a rainy day from the top
Plane flying near the top of the tower of a building in Brussels
The bridge connecting the top of two towers at the church in Esslingen

For more sights at the top or from the top, check out the posts here.

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