It always fascinates me how an artist’s eyes see something that would appear mundane to others. Where most would see an empty wall, an artist would see a canvas that he can paint on, where most would see a lone piece of fruit, an artist would see a rose that he can carve, where most would see a big boulder, an attist would see the sculpture he can untrap from it..the list is endless. And that is exactly the meaning of transmogrify – something a bit more than transform – as if by magic!

Here is one such piece of work. What appears to be aliens looking around, showed on closer inspection to be transmogrified from some old hollow tree      stumps!

But nothing can beat Nature. The transmogrifications it does are just awe-inspiring – look at a small seed turning into an oak tree, water turning to fluffy clouds hanging like giant cotton balls, soil and stones forming mountains, bees converting flower juice to honey..another endless list.

Look here how the green hill has become vibrant with the colors as if someone came and painted it overnight..

If you are fascinated too, you can check out some more transmogrifications here.


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