Capturing the Ephemeral


How interesting is it that the wordpress photo-challenge theme for this week is the same as the theme of my blog – reflection – former is literal and latter is metaphorical – but reflection nonetheless! Here is a pool or a well, that is considered to be the origin of the river Danube in a place called Donaueschingen in the Black Forest region of Germany, reflecting the skies and the beautifully constructed wall around it.

Waters of the Danube or the Ganges or a small puddle, water in any case would have been the first mirror that made human beings start understanding how others saw them and hence, to get the desire to start grooming themselves so as to look like they would want others to see them. Must’ve been quite a discovery..isn’t it?

With that thought, I will let you reflect on your own thoughts…

Other great entries for the challenge can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Capturing the Ephemeral

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