The Face tells a story

DSC04310 (2)

A few weekends ago, I was on a train on the Schwarzwaldbahn (Black Forest picturesque train route) with two friends of mine. Having read a recommendation on a website earlier, we decided to get down on the way at a town called Donaueschingen (considered to be the birth place of the river Danube). And I am glad that we did so. It was a beautiful city with a palace where the prince and princess of Fürstenberg (famous beer) reside!

So it was in the gardens of that palace (the section open to public) where I met this squirrel. I am not sure what startled it but I got a great snap of it standing like this with ears all perked up and eyes wide open! It surely wanted to enjoy the nut that it had in it’s mouth and probably was afraid that someone else would take it away from it. There could be so many explanations. I guess Walt Disney must have been a curious observer of nature to capture scenes like these and give us the great animations of rats, dogs, squirrels and the other wonderful animals that became beloved cartoon characters which bring a smile to every child’s face even to this day.

Off late, I have been having so much difficulty in writing posts (writer’s block) so I am really glad for The Daily Post’s photo challenge Face, which made share this moment with you all. Looking forward to writing some more posts and getting your responses..


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