As I am sitting here in my office room, and it is raining outside, all I am wishing is for the rain to stop so that I can go home and start my weekend.IMG_0590

But it used to be so different in India..where the rains were always welcome on hot days and the drops brought out the scent of the soil parched by the brutal sun. It was like the earth was thanking the rains by giving out that beautiful scent. But now that I am not there, I don’t know if I will ever enjoy the rains in the same way as I did when I was in India with the ubiquitous chai-pakoras with friends and family. For those who don’t know about the Indian street food, chai-pakoras (tea and fritters) is a fare that you will find throughout India with variations – from small make-shift stalls to big restaurants but of course, the best ones are at the homes!

May be need to find new friends and invite them over for a rainy evening and recreate the magic of Indian summer and the rain. In this new place which yet doesn’t feel like home, there will be times like these which will bring back memories from back home and make me want to fly back in time…I know I have to move on and make a new home here but I can be nostalgic from time to time and that’s when I will make chai-pakoras and soothe the yearnings of the heart with the taste on the tongue!



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