Thoughts from a snowy day

There is a perfectly easy way to get through life – being born, somehow getting through, taking no risks and changing nothing about one’s life. And there is nothing wrong with that way if you feel happy in this manner. 

Then there is another way – if everything is going fine, then some of us have that itch to change some parameters to give ourselves a challenge. And life is not the same again. Some may find it a stupid thing to do (why disrupt a comfortable settled routine?) and some might find it as the only way to live.

As it started snowing the other day and I was struggling to find my way in the freezing cold, I wondered whether it was alright to leave the warm and bright land of my birth and come over to a place which is often cold and grey. But now it’s done so there is no looking back. I know that the weather will get better and so will the spirit. And the warmth will come from friends – old and new. The snow will melt and give way to life. I will settle into a routine and soon I will be thinking about what to change next!