Indian food..finally

So after three whole weeks of not having Indian food, I am finally getting it today. Took a lot of courage today and a couple of driving lessons in the last weeks, to drive to this restaurant. It is close to work but nobody amongst my friends and acquaintances at work has had the time to spare in the weekdays to come here (neither did I). Now on the weekend it is quite full..Indians and Germans both seem to like the place. I have been here in the past when I had travelled for work in the last years. In fact, I was first introduced to Mango Lassi in this very restaurant. The owners were more open to conversation then but now they seem too busy for small talk. At least the food is still good :). So now I dig in and will let you know later how it was!


Update: Alright the food could’ve been better. To others, Indian spices are acknowledged by their presence but to an Indian, they are missed by their absence..

But no complaints here – I got hot, freshly prepared food and accompanied with the pickles, it was almost perfect. Thank you whoever is watching over me from above :)..


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