Painting the town


Start of the parade

In Germany, there are few days when you would suddenly see lot of color – like an explosion! My observation so far has been that regular people don’t wear bright colors in predominantly cold countries, unlike those in warm countries like India. But during the carnival or as it is called Fasching in the region, people just let their usual serious demeanor down and let their colorful side come out. Seeing them on these days makes me think that if they travel to India, they might get the feeling that India is in a perpetual state of carnival!

You can read about my first experience with the Fasching parade here. I also got the chance to be part of it once again last year (which lazily, I didn’t write about). However, both of them were in a big city. But today, I got to experience it at a small town/village, which was a different experience altogether. It wasn’t too long a parade, so you could see the same parade twice from two different locations. But it was much more up, close and personal. Everyone seemed to know one another and the crazily dressed paraders could give you the candies in hand (instead of throwing them in the air) and fill up your glass with Prosecco (sparkling wine) if you held it out! Amidst roars of “Helau” (a version of “Hello” I guess :-)), kids were busy collecting candies given out by the paraders while adults were socializing (over drinks, of course). Thanks to my hosts G and S, I got to have a lovely afternoon today at their cozy little village. There were several Flash’s and Cruella de Vil’s along with one Darth Vader and several wasps! The music played by some of the groups was lovely (I’ve been told that they practice throughout the year!). Having fun is also a serious affair ;-).

Now, enjoy the parade through my lens 🙂

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