It’s very co-incidental that I just now came across the DP photo challenge today and found the theme for this week to be “Vibrant” and had the thought about vibrancy earlier during the day when the sun suddenly peeked out from the clouds and made everything look very vibrant. Here’s the view which I immediately captured because I was afraid that the gloomy clouds would come back again (which did happen). So here’s what I saw.


View from the office window

The second image is from November last year, when I had made these diyas for Diwali. I can’t believe it was just 3 months ago..feels like it was a lifetime back. More details about that here.


The color of hard work


And the next one is a very vibrant sunset from early January, when I was at Dwarka which is situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea.


Hope these pictures will lift up the spirit of everyone suffering from the winter gloom and give the hope that spring is not far behind!


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