Dosalgia – dosa induced nostalgia!


Today as I was having my breakfast at the office, I was suddenly transported to a time 20 years back. There was a lady who made dosas and brought them in a basket to sell at my school. She would hand them out on sheets of newspaper and put the liquidy chutney on top. Nobody told her to do anything differently – her patrons loved it the way it was. I don’t remember the price now but of course, it was within a student’s budget.

Back to today. I had taken a dosa for breakfast which I have done several times before. But today I made a mistake of putting the accompaniments in the wrong places on the plate. So the chutney made my dosa soggy and the first bite of it just took me back to that time and place, reminding me of that woman and her dosas that I used to have every once in a while in my two years at that school. I wonder where she is now.  I hope her conditions have improved.

How is it that we can relive the same moments which we went through in the past, which get induced by a touch, a smell, a sight, a taste, a piece of music? Human brain keeps me fascinated. Will it ever be understood completely? And even if it is, will the purpose of it all become clear?

But clear or not, I will just enjoy reliving all my good memories whenever they come back to me :).

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