Life and its unpredictability

I always wonder why

As I read today the details of an injury to the CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott, which made him lose one of his eyes, I felt two or three emotions. The first one was pain as the thought came to my head about how much it hurts when you get even a small particle in the eye, so how much more would it hurt when glass shards get into it and damage it completely. Second one was of a bit of relief that something even worse than that could have happened but thankfully, didn’t. The third one was a deeper one. I felt that when life is so unpredictable, why do we expect a certainty of things before taking even one step? Things can happen to anyone anywhere, even where we consider ourselves so safe – the cocoon of the home, then why are we afraid of doing anything in life? Now I don’t say that we don’t need to be cautious – that would negate the whole purpose of evolution and what nature has taught us to sustain life. But often we see that people spend their whole lives in fear and not take any chances at all and that doesn’t guarantee happiness or satisfaction either. So what exactly is it that makes some people daredevils, some meek and the rest somewhere in between? Is it some gene that decides it or is it the social conditioning or is it just how things are supposed to be? I am sure there is a research into that but still, the decision to take chances or not to, cannot be predicted for anyone – we can’t predict what is that thing that can spur one to action even if he/she has been passive all of his/her life. Probably it’s the same thing – fear – which pushes some to overcome that thing which induces it and some to withdraw from what triggered it.

So much for the thoughts that keep me up at night. Time now to take some action – cook food – for my fear at this moment is that of getting hungry before the food gets ready :-)..

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