Sky Blue – mostly

I often look at the skies when there are cottony white clouds drifting by, the blue color of those times is so beautiful. Rest of the times, in countries with warm weather like India, the sun is blinding and the skies look white due to the heat instead of the intense blue that you see in colder countries. At those times, leave aside taking the picture of the skies, you can’t even look upwards without squinting your eyes. Even with the sunglasses, it brings tears to the eyes. If you look up then, it is only to pray that the gods would send one cloud to give some respite from the sun.

So, here’s my picture in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.” where it was suggested to have also something to break the monotony. I captured the skies beyond a fence, with the wispy clouds in the morning.

Looking beyond the fence..
Looking beyond the fence..

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