Sleeping like a dog

If you have traveled in India, then you would definitely have noticed one common feature across this huge country – lots and lots of stray dogs. You won’t see as many cats though. This is different from Europe where you would see dogs only as pets while cats can be found roaming around on their own (and I must say, pretty ones at that).

So back to my subject, it seems that the regional and linguistic issues may be there, but when it comes to sleeping, they are all the same! In fact, in that aspect, they are no different from even their international counterparts (as I saw in Hong Kong). They all sleep in such a carefree manner that I now believe that sleeping like a dog is much more satisfying than like a log!  Nothing can bother them when they want to sleep (may be the watchdogs have a different characteristic). And probably that is why, once they are awake, they are so alert and full of energy.

I have been so fascinated by their sleeping style, that I captured some of them having their nap and so, now I have a few to share with you to prove my point.

Memory foam and all is nonsense; I sleep in the dig-out I make myself
Who says I can’t sleep on duty?
Sleep like no-one is watching you
What are you looking at? I am just trying to sleep in a new yoga position

My favorite is the one who made a dig-out in the gravel and then snuggled into it!

Tell  me your thoughts about this. How do you sleep? Like a log or like a dog?

And now all this has made me feel that I should go to sleep. You can decide what you would like to do right now, but whenever you sleep, do think about it :-).

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