Explored and Connected

The need to explore is so profound in human beings that ever since old times, it has made them cross enormous mountains, deep seas, dangerous forests and then when earth was not enough, then the dark space!

And then once the explorers found what they went out to explore, the next step was to return home. This meant connecting the new found place to the home. I feel so thankful towards these fearless explorers and connectors for making it easier for the not-so-adventurous of us, to also go out of our homes and see places with the help of the details laid out by those first visitors.

With the years passing and the inventors finding new ways to connect places, it became possible to have connections in all three mediums – water, land and air.

On that note, I decided to submit this picture for this week’s The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

It was taken at the city of Koblenz in Germany. You can see ships and boats in the river and cable cars in the air. The triangle seen below is called the Deutsches Eck and is the meeting point of two rivers – Moselle and Rhine – another connection :-).

Cable Car in Air and Ship in Water

Cable Cars in Air and Ships in Water


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