The Tri-Angle

In life, perspective is what really matters. Everything that we see and form an opinion about or react to or ignore, depends on our perspective – or simply put – the angle from which we are looking at it. Is it that hard to look at something from every angle or we are just conditioned to have only one angle most of the times? These are the thoughts that ran through my mind when I read The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”  The challenger Shane Francescut asked to post three of the best shots, and I couldn’t help myself from keeping the title of my post as The Tri-Angle :-)!

Now, I am one of those who analyze things from several (if not all) angles and that is also probably the reason why I often take pictures of the same object from different angles! It’s interesting that I had not thought about this connection between my innate nature and it being reflected in my photography up until this moment. Quite a revelation.

But now without any further ado, here are my pictures for this post. Would be great to know your thoughts!

My gallery consists of the pictures of the Big Buddha in Hong Kong from different angles. The first impression of the statue for me was that of being blessed, second one seemed to be having a kind of calming effect and the third one made me feel like getting inspired to meditate. Same statue, three different impressions – but all of them of a serene nature!

4 thoughts on “The Tri-Angle

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  1. This week’s challenge is like the blind men and elephant analogy. Our interpretation depends on which part of the object we are looking at. Same with life – depends on what age, time of day, situation we are encountering the person as to our opinion. Very nice photos!

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