Life in Gaborone

Image courtesy - stockvault
Image courtesy – stockvault

There are some writers who can mentally transform you to a time and place with their vivid descriptions, while physically you may be sitting on your comfortable couch, reading the book. Probably some part of that journey¬†also depends on the imagination of the reader too. A saying goes that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and therefore, I believe it is indeed an accomplishment to be able to create a picture just with words.

I am getting these philosophical thoughts reading the books by Alexander McCall Smith – The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Finished two books in two days. So you can imagine how captivating the writing must be.

My friend Y loaned me the books on Friday and I am so grateful that she did. I have not been to Africa so far but the books describe Botswana in so much detail that I feel like seeing those sights as if I am travelling myself.

The series is about a woman Mma Precious Ramotswe, opening a detective agency in Botswana, and through her, the author has shown¬†the day to day life of people in Botswana. Their simple ways, sense of right and wrong, beliefs, social norms, relationships with one another and with neighboring countries, struggles – everything has been so well written that sitting in your living room, you can get the feel of living in Botswana. What I like about the book is that you are not made to feel right or wrong or wretched about the hardships. It’s like a matter of fact – the way one lives in his/her own country.

I have started the third one now (there are 13 in the series). Hoping to get my hands on the other ones too. So if you are looking for what to read next, give this series a try!

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