Hong Kong – Day 4

Flowers at the flower market

Flowers at the flower market

What a lovely day it was!
Started on a whim – decided to explore some special local places (not really touristically important – at least not for those Indians who have grown up seeing these kinds of places in the old cities). I had read about the places on someone’s blog after being briefly told about one of them by a friend, and decided to explore before leaving for my bigger touristic excursion of the day.
So at around 9 am, armed with google map, I started towards the Flower Market street. What a lovely scent hung in the air there! I am guessing that the scenery must be different between 6 and 7 am compared to when I reached. But I didn’t have the energy to go that early. Doesn’t matter – it was still beautiful enough for me. Racks after racks of carnations, lilies, orchids and several other flowers captivated my senses. Then there were also the cacti in different varieties. The locals were there looking for flowers to decorate their homes while all I could do was –  take pictures! Nevertheless, I have the memories now which are all that remain – isn’t it?

So this done, I asked at a flower shop about how to go to the bird market and found that I was standing right in front of the staircase leading to it!
And here you could find so many varieties of birds (regretfully all in cages) that you could do a mini thesis on ornithology! Surprisingly, I saw male sparrows in cages while the females were out! I wonder if the male ones are considered as a pet. Then as I moved further, I saw more and more colorful birds. Some were exotic while some looked familiar. The chirping was rising with the rising day. And as I was exiting from the main gate, I found a group of English speaking tourists (can’t say from where) being guided there by a tour guide. Didn’t think of it as a destination for the western world where people seem more concerned about animal rights than in the east. Wonder what impressions did they get.

Birds at Yuen Po Street bird market

Birds at Yuen Po Street bird market

Then after making a round, I found myself back at the point in the flower market where I started from.
Now I was looking for the goldfish market. On the way, found an artificial flowers shop where a lady was picking up bunches and bunches of flowers. I asked her for directions to the goldfish market and we got talking. She is from Texas but has been living in HK since seven years as her husband is from HK. Her name was Brittany and she was picking the flowers to do some decorations for a wedding. It was nice talking with her. But we both had things to do. So I took her leave and proceeded to fish place. It had lots of decorative fishes in polythene bags. Interestingly, people don’t find that of any concern while if they see a bird in the cage, they feel sorry for the bird!
Could it be because the bird appears to be struggling while the fish doesn’t?

Fishes at the goldfish market

Fishes at the goldfish market

Moving on and having captured as many pics as I wanted, I decided to leave for the bigger journey – the journey to the Big Buddha! What all happened after that, requires another post. For now, here’s a picture. Stay tuned for the story.

Big Buddha at Ngong Ping

Big Buddha at Ngong Ping

The outdoor adventures ended with a short walk in the HK rain and finally the umbrella that I carried painstakingly every day with me, came in handy! Now need some sleep as tomorrow will be a hectic day. So bye for now.


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