Hong Kong – Day 3

My propensity for losing my way can be a subject of legends! Something entitled “The girl who never found her way in first attempt” could be the story of my adventures. The author of “lost girl” got it all wrong – the title should have been copyrighted by me!
And after yesterday’s stint with the ferries here I was again today – this time on the wrong Metro. Thankfully realized the mistake between the first and second stops. Got down and now looked carefully where I needed to go. Lesson – don’t get hypnotized by the crowd, look for yourself.
But once this starting trouble got sorted, everything else went smoothly.
So today I was at the Ocean Park – a marine animals zoo plus amusement park with thrill rides. I am glad that I did this trip.

After all, at how many places can you get to see the penguins, pandas, firefox (not the browser!) sea lions, dolphins, seals, koala, wallaby and even a few rain-forest species – all in the same day – up close and personal? And add to it some hair raising rides and your day is made. And guess what, I had a whole cable car to myself which went over the sea (alright, the sea was to my right).

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Had lots of fun there and came back exhausted but happy. And best of all – I made use of the selfie stick. Remember the one which didn’t work? So I went to the shop again yesterday late night and got it replaced (although the shopkeeper seemed a bit angry about it) and used it well today – not to take self portraits – but to raise my camera above the glass barrier to cover the penguins! See image below.
Then to finish the day, went to the Ladies Market which is a street market similar to Temple Street market where I went the last two evenings. And my belief that I am quite poor at bargaining got strengthened after seeing things that I bought yesterday at a higher price being sold at much lesser price when I saw people bargaining at the shops today! Anyway, I have what I liked, so no complaining.
And despite all the fun, I somehow feel less exhausted today than yesterday – could be the effect of the late evening tea! But I must sleep now as I would need all the energy to scale a lot of stairs tomorrow! Details tomorrow.



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