So after a lot of deliberation in the morning (and several unsuccessful attempts at making the new selfie stick, that I purchased last night, work), I decided to go to Macau. All this took a lot of precious time,¬† so instead of exploring the MTR, I hopped on a taxi and came to the ferry terminal in Hong Kong. Now there again it took me some time to figure out where to go, although the helpful taxi driver had dropped me right infront of the building. (I sometimes feel like “sheep in the big city” if left on my own!) Anyway, on reaching the first floor, I found people ushering passengers to the ticket counters. I wasn’t aware that there were two operators because if you do a google search, one name prominently pops up – turbojet. So I wasn’t sure whether to buy the ticket from cotaijet. I looked around but couldn’t locate the turbojet counter so just bought the ticket from this other one. Now everything went smoothly from immigration till the point I reached the ferry. I went into the wrong one! So lesson no. 1 – look at your ticket carefully. Anyway, the usher told me where the right one was and I went there and again, not having looked carefully at the ticket, had to wait for another half hour with the noise of crates being unloaded as the ferry was scheduled at 12. I could have waited upstairs in the waiting lobby if only I had looked at my ticket! But everything is about retrospect. And incredibly, the same thing happened on return too – I reached the main island instead of Kowloon while coming back to Hong Kong. Details later.
For now, I am glad that I made it to Macau and saw the glitz and glamour of the casinos! Visiting the historical center was like being in Europe, but of course with a much larger crowd than in Europe. It was easy to reach there – take the free shuttle of the Grand Lisboa from the ferry station, stroll through the casino (if you can’t find any other way like me), and then walk out from there.

Historical Center

Historical Center

My highlight of the day has been to be at the Grand Lisboa, City of Dreams and the Macau Venetian! And surprise surprise – they had a carneval (yes, that’s how they spelled it) running at the Venetian,¬†which I wasn’t aware of until I saw the poster in the ferry! Loved the experience. And for general knowledge, the brand ambassador of the Macau Venetian is David Beckham!

Grand Lisboa

Grand Lisboa

The Venetian

The Venetian

And today’s impression – one of the most difficult jobs surely has to be standing the whole day ushering people to casinos, shuttles, shops, eateries and so on! I am not going to complain about my job ever again.


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