Hong Kong – Day 1

I guess the only way to keep the momentum of updating the blog is to write everyday – doesn’t matter however briefly written the post is.
So here are the highlights/impressions of my first day in Hong Kong.
Arrived without any incidents – but not without interesting things. That would need time, so keeping it aside for another post.


Anyway, so my first impression is that Hong Kong is a busy city with hard working people. Kind of fast paced like Mumbai but also feels laid back if you enter any one of the several beautiful parks – I just managed one today – Kowloon park. Believe it or not, I even heard a koel cooing away in the park! Contrasting characteristics – aren’t they?
Then, people seemed friendly but it’s different from a European definition of friendliness. In Europe, if you enter a shop, the shop workers would generally greet you. Here, until the time you touch anything, they will appear aloof. But they are not rude – that’s just how it is. I think one if the reasons could be that the tourists expect them to speak English and sometimes, the shopkeepers just don’t know enough to start a conversation. So they keep quiet.
What else – ah yes, people run to cross the road when the light is still red, even though it’s pedestrian friendly place, unlike India, where running to cross the road is part of survival techniques for pedestrians.

Met a couple visiting from Canada at the Avenue of Stars. Strolled along with them while waiting for the Symphony of Lights, and had a lively conversation. The guy was of Malaysian descent. And they told me about the Hindi movies they had seen – movies like “Bobby”! The guy could even remember the song “main shayar to nahin” from the movie! I translated it for him. And then we saw the much awaited “Symphony of Lights” but sadly, it was quite disappointing. No need to wait for it if you have something better to do.Then we went our way.

Hong Kong does feel like a safe city. A night street market goes till midnight and one can roam around alone without any fear. Lots of interesting stuff to buy – temptations everywhere. Definitely not a place for recovering shopaholics!

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market

And lastly, here’s something that tells me that people are working so hard there that the buses have to have this kind of public message! (see below)



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