8 Good Things about a Traffic Jam

Who says traffic jams are bad? I have recently had the realization that traffic jam is an organism on its own. It is neither created nor destroyed..it just shifts in form and location. And you can’t beat it in a duel – ever. So why waste energy in fighting it and getting frustrated? Instead, look at the bright side of it..like I did last week. It was like divination and I finally understood the organism or so I think!!
By now, you must be thinking what triggered this epiphany? It was all thanks to the driver of the bus that I was in and to an auto-rickshaw driver who was swerving in the tiniest of spaces, like the character played by Vijay Amritraj in Octopussy. Since there was a red signal and the bus driver knew we won’t be moving for another 10 minutes, he got down from the bus, went to that auto rickshaw driver and started giving him a piece of his mind. A war of words ensued and subsided as soon as the organism started showing signs of motion.
So for those who were in a slumber or were getting bored, it was a free entertainment (it’s another matter as to what does an observer enjoy in a fight between two people).
Then I attained enlightenment except that there was no bodhi tree around, just the loads of vehicles around waiting for the Jam to move.
So here’s what I could list down as the positive sides of a Jam.
1. People with motion sickness, who can’t join the conversations of those who are always bragging about what books they finished on the way, can now do a bit of reading themselves – Jam is providing the opportunity. No motion, hence no sickness!!

2. War of words – full opportunity to lash out at anyone who thinks he is a James Bond and acts as if the road belongs to Her Majesty and Bond being in her service and all…you got it!

3. Some entertainment without ticket for people who enjoy watching fights

4. Pedestrians for once get a chance to cross the road leisurely, thanks to the Jam who is finally getting some justice done.

5. Strategy learning – people get to learn strategy in moving across the maze of vehicles  – real life “Frogger” !

6. Advertisements – ah finally advertising on walls and hoardings at the Jam sites paid off – people actually get to see and read the advertisement, while waiting to move on. Advertisers could put up QR codes on the boards to order, and by the time the people reach home, the product could also be delivered to their homes (of course, deliveryman has to take another route).

7. Gratefulness – people learn the value of things taken for granted – for instance, radio. If it wasn’t for the Jam, people would have no need to listen to the radio – they could be at work or home in no time in a city of 50 km radius. But the Jam makes sure that the poor RJs get the appreciation they deserve for talking non-stop! One also feels grateful for someone else on the wheel – like the driver of the bus – while one can read, listen to music, have a conversation, without having to pay attention to the road.

8. Community building – people separated in views otherwise, get to connect on at least one point – how bad the traffic is! It makes one feel alive as part of the whole humanity and not just as an individual. “How so?”, you ask? Because, you move only if you are in sync with the movement of others – else you crash! And as you connect on one thing, it gives a starting point to connect on some other things too!

And although I can keep going, but I would stop with this one – you can do some writing – like yours truly is doing with this blog post – the draft of which was created while being with the Jam, as I have mentioned above! So, I think I would simply end with a Monty Python song:

Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
Don’t grumble, give a whistle
And this’ll help things turn out for the best… And…always look on the bright side of life… Always look on the light side of life…”

You can listen to the complete song here and move on with life.
Update – 05/11/2016
Today I saw that the theme of this week’s photo challenge is Chaos. And I wondered what could be a better representation of that than what happens on Indian city roads everyday. But it seems that there is some order in that chaos, which baffles the western world for there is just no explanation for it!

Update – 11/11/2016
This post fits the theme of Numbers too!

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