Love of the past

It’s interesting how much effort has the human race put into reaching where it is today and yet, somehow we love to talk about the good ol’ days!! Everything seems to have been better in the past. The music, the movies, the manners, and above all – the prices!! This thought has been wonderfully portrayed in the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris”. Nobody seems to be satisfied with their present. Is this just romanticism or something deeper in the human psyche?
I happened to be in Germany now twice to observe the medieval market where people get dressed up in attires of the middle ages and set up shops of an ironsmith or a carpenter or something similar. People, specially children, look at them enraptured with the activity of these artisans who are indeed putting up a show. That seemed a bit funny to me because in India, these things are still everyday sights and we just take them for granted – there is no fascination about these things in the mind of an average Indian,so to say. But it’s a matter of fact that the more developed a nation is, the more industrialization it has and so kids have no clue about many everyday things. I remember a colleague telling me once that several kids in Germany think that cows are purple because they see the purple cow on the cover of the famous chocolate brand Milka!! Alright I am digressing. So coming back on track.


At the Herbst festival

I myself am one of those who like the old times especially when it comes to music. So there I was at a “Herbst” (autumn) festival where two old guys played some old country style music and there were several people dancing to their tunes, including some children who seemed to like the tunes as much as their grandparents!
I was also a spectator to a cabaret performance at such a medieval market a few weeks back when it was still summer.


Cabaret group

Those were just two examples. I’m sure you must have seen the vintage car rallies, old decade’s theme parties, black and white movies and above all, the festivals that we celebrate in the same way as our ancestors did (especially in India). So many things that we do to keep the past alive, and one day our present will become the past of the young generation and they would follow the same rituals!

So I will have to accept this as a fact that we are incorrigible and however irrational it would seem, our mind just doesn’t want to let go of the past. Watching the tv series “Who do you think you are”, my theory seems to get more proof that people somehow want to stay connected to the past however good their present is! So leaving you now to ponder, I close this post here. Just a last piece of advice – don’t forget the past but do enjoy the present :-).


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